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This a Noun e-Exam and TMA Score calculator that provides you a fast and reliable way to calculate your final grade score for every semester course.  With that, It becomes so easier for you to calculate your GPA and CGPA.


This Result Calculator was built at Marks Grade Points:

A (70 and above)

B (60-69%)

C (50-59%)

D (45-49%)

E (40-44%)

F (-39%)


The result calculation is made in three different segments, the reason being that Noun exam questions are not all always 100 questions. Some e-exam questions are 120, 130, 150 etc.  So you are to choose result calculator based on the number of exam question been given.

In addition, The first displaced Result calculator is for those who had 100 exam questions, whereas the second and third result calculation system is 120 and 150 respectively.


How To Calculate Your NOUN Result

  1. Enter your exam score ( The displayed result when clicked on e-Exam questions submit button) in the provided space.How to check result of Noun Examination and tma scores
  2. Enter TMA Score ( The addition of your best 3 TMAs ), and
  3. Next, is your Final semester result with its grade category for the inputted course.
  4. Repeat the same steps for all of your registered courses. Take note of their records, and
  5.  Then move to Calculate Grade Point Average (GPA) Score.


Here you go,

If this has solved your issue of Noun result calculation. Share this page to help others. Also let us know if you experience any issue while making use of the Noun Result checker, we’ll make it up to you!


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