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NOUN TMA Portal Answer Solutions That Lands you 30marks. No Less

For us as the Noun students, the Noun Tma Portal grant us hope to tackle the final exams with no fear of failure when one has crushed Noun Tma scoring above 29 or 30 marks in total.

It’s joyful, and it becomes sweeter when you’re sitting for national open university e-exams because 50% of the TMA Questions is what always comes out in the Noun e-exams.

In such instance, those who scored a high grade in solving the Noun Tma Questions by themselves, get up at 25 minutes of exam start.

You look surprised when sitting close to such student.

“He just click to tma questions and then submit, I’m not even sure if he’ll get over 30%.” you said in your mind

Now, here’s the thing,

It could be that such student already has been practicing these tips that I’m about to share with you.

Also, you should stop doubting a coursemate telling you that he scored 30 marks to all his Noun tmas, he’s not lying; it happens

But you know what?

Right inside this article, you’ll get exactly same techniques to solving and answering any noun tma question that lands in your hand 30 marks. No less.

Except for the prospects, i would have placed a fee on this guide (N3,000 or more), and you’ll still buy it.

So since you’re getting it now at no-cost, appreciate our substantial work by giving this post a share in your timeline.

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How To Solve & Answer NOUN TMA Questions That Lands You 30 Marks in 5 Minutes

1. Visit the noun student portal website > http://www.nouonline.net 

2. Click on Student Login, enter your noun portal login credentials and click Submit

National Open university of nigeria Noun student login page at the nouonline net studware platform

3. At the Noun student portal Profile page, Click on Courses > Tutor - Marked Assignments 

Noun TMA Portal link

You should now be at the Noun TMA Portal staring on a distance at TMA Questions

2017 Noun TMA Portal Quiz Solutions

4. From Status, Click on Take TMA to open up the TMA Question 

Take Noun TMA Question at a Click

5. Drag and drop the Noun Course material on a new browser tab.

Or you directly open the Noun online courseware webpage and open the course you're solving its TMA.

So now, you'd be having three opening tabs on your browser: The Nouonline portal website, The Noun TMA Page and the ecourseware  (course material). N/B: Get your course materials here if you don't have.

6. From the Given TMA Question. Look for a significant keyword in the sentence, copy it and search the keyword in the Course material. 

For instance, I have this noun tma question:

Question 1 : Which of the options can be used to search for people trapped in collapsed buildings

From this, I’m taking collapsed as my keyword to look-up at the Noun Courseware guide.

National Open University of Nigeria NOUN TMAs Guide

When i head over at the noun eCourseware and searched the word "Collapsed". I have this as the answer to the given tma question:

CIT 478 Artificial Intelligence.pdf NOUN TMA Solution

That's Snaking (B) is the right answer to the given TMA Question. 

Often times, you may pick a wrong keyword at first. When that happens, try again with another word from the sentence till you found the right answer. 

How To Search for a Keyword Using the NOUN eCourseware 

  • From the Noun TMA Question, Highlight your chosen keyword with mouse function.
  • Go to the Courseware Pdf file. Press Ctrl + F (To Open up the search box), Press Ctrl + V (To paste your selected keyword in the search box), and then Hit the Enter key of your keyboard.
  • Use the Enter key button to jump up/down or you use the two pointer signs besides the search box to navigate text and pages till you locate your desired answer to a question.

Trust me this was the same procedures that i used to score 30 marks each in all my Noun Tmas. The Screenshot is available upon request. 

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