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NOUN Registrable Courses with 2018 Accredited Programmes by NUC

Before coming-up to write about Noun registrable courses, I've first written a guide about List of courses offered in Noun to gear you up through the process of Noun Admission

And i could have let-go to this topic but Nounonline Portal blogs/websites around the Noun university doesn't have the Nouonline new updated and available noun registrable courses, and as such have led prospects, even returning students of Noun astray

​It's awful.

I couldn't take it any longer.

That's why i have put together every hints and technical know-how to help you to know​ the New Noun registrable courses and NUC accredited courses of 2017/2018. of course, you'll get to value this information better when you'd be registering your new courses.

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​Why You Should Check Noun Registrable courses

  • It help you to avoid registering noun courses that you'll be forced to drop later.
  • You'll get to know relevant and Noun compulsory courses to register for every semester​
  • Noun courses and programmes suspended by the registrar will no longer be a mystery to you.​

There's no special tool required for checking the Noun registrable and available courses. The below items are necessary but not limited to: 

  • A computer or smartphone
  • Your precious time and patience
  • An internet connection

For the fact you are here at same page with me, qualifies you - so let's get started now.

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How To Check Noun Registrable Courses for 2018

1. Visit the Noun student Edu portal > Nouedu.net

2. At the noun website homepage, hover your mouse to Study With Us > Programmes and click Registerable Courses

Noun registrable courses link

Now, you should be at the Noun registrable courses reset page

Noun registerable courses reset page

3. Select your Host Faculty and Apply

03 Select your Noun Registrable Courses host faculty and aply National Open University of Nigeria
List of Noun Registrable courses

N/B: I will be using the B.Sc Agricultural Extension and Management as an example.

So now you'll be presented with the noun registrable courses for B.Sc Agricultural Extension and Management

05 B.Sc Agricultural Extension and Management Registrable courses

How it works

Method I

1. Click on the course code title 

Click on the programme course code title

2. On the new opened nounonline portal page, at Programme_ (Registrable) > Click the programme title to see its admission requirements

07 7208_CIT101  Programme title National Open University of Nigeria.png

So, this admission requirements for student gaining admission into B.Sc Agricultural Extension and Management

5 credits in WASC/GCE/NECO subjects including English, Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology/Agricultural Science and any one of the following: Physics, Geography or Economics, at least a pass in Physics.

Admission requirements for B.Sc Agricultural Extension and Management   National Open University of Nigeria.png

Method II

1. Click on the course title_ Registerable : Computer in society

Click on the course title registrable to download the course material

2. From course material, Click on CIT101 to ​download the courseware

10 Download Course material for Computers In Society   National Open University of Nigeria.png

See here for a complete guide to download Noun course materials for your pc and smartphones.




1 Cooperative Management

2 Entrepreneurship and Business Management

3 Masters in Business Administration (MBA)

4 Masters in Public Administration (MPA)


1 Hotel and Catering Management


1 Christian Theology

2 English Language

3 French and International Relations

4 Islamic Studies


1 Nursing Science

2 Public Health Science


1 Agricultural Science Education

2 Biology Education

3 Business Education

4 Chemistry Education

5 Computer Science Education

6 Early Childhood Education

7 English Education

8 French Education

9 Integrated Science

10 Mathematics Education

11 Physics Education

12 Primary Education


1 Law


1 Computer Science

2 Communication Technology

3 Environmental Science and Resources Management

4 Mathematics

5 Mathematics/Computer Science

6 Data Management


1 Criminology and Security Studies

2 Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution

3 Tourism Studies

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