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NOUN Exam Time Table Second Semester 2018 POP 1st, 2nd, 3rd Draft Timetable

Glad that this year 2018 Noun exam time table  second semester examination came out earlier than expected, given us a month ahead to buckle up; that's cool. 

Note: Download Final Draft 2018 e-Exam timetable. Updated February 20th, 2018.

I'm sure that those hot guys would want us to start this national open university exams now or tomorrow. No time at all, you know nah 🙁

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​On the last noun examinations, many students fail to write some of their registered exams because they weren't alert on those exam dates and due for the cause of changes to the examination dates.

Click HERE to download POP first draft 2018 Second semester examination timetable

Check below buttons for 2018  2nd Draft POP exam timetable 

Download 3rd Draft Timetable (Your comments and observations about this draft timetable should get to the study center before 12:00 noon on Monday 15 Jan., 2018.)

Download 2017_2 POP Exam Final Timetable - Released 17th January 2018

And download Final Updated Timetable - Released January 20th, 2018

Recall 2017 Examination Time Table ( Used for Reference and Citations)

This 4th pop Exam Timetable draft is the final release of the Noun exam time table 2017, and note that, the first draft examination timetable for 2017_1 POP exams was removed from the noun site leaving only the updated 4th POP draft Noun Exam Timetable. Kindly download, view, assess and plan accordingly.

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So here with me, the Noun exam time table for Pen on Paper (POP) First Semester 2017. Now, click HERE to download the latest updated Noun exam time table released on the 13th June,2017 (4th Draft Examination Timetable for 2017_1), Click here to download the first Draft Examination Time Table for 2017_1 and here to download the 3rd Draft Examination Timetable for 2017_1 (for references).

How To Get NOUN E -exam Timetable 2018

​Click here to download the noun e - exam time table 

How do i get notified for the Noun new exam portal exam timetable updates? you're thinking

​But the truth is that...

...you shouldn't bother because below here i will be showing you how to discover every new updates and changes made to the Noun exam timetable. 

How To Check & Download NOUN Exam Time Table Updates

1. Visit the Noun university edu portal website > Nouedu.net 

2. At the News & Events, Click on Announcements if it didn't show-up at the school portal site homepage.

Noun exam time table 2017

3. Click the Draft Examination Timetable for 2017_1

4. In the next opened page, just below the Relevant File, Click 2017_1 POP 4th draft timetable.xlsx to download the new noun exam time table.

Draft Examination Timetable for 2017_1   National Open University of Nigeria.png

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