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Download National Open University of Nigeria Course Materials

You can download noun course material of all noun courses that you registered.

And while we are at the Noun eCourseware forum, a student politely asked how to download national open university course materials from the Noun new Portal 2018 website (NoueduNet)

I gave him the right directions for the national open university of Nigeria course materials download, everything he needed and how to download noun courseware/material in pdf format.

All that i taught him about noun courseware download is with me and that’s what I’m going to share with you too.

Since the Nounonline Portal is new and shining; you might not know the process it will take to getting this course materials right from your smartphone, PC nor print it out as a hardcopy – which is preferred by many students.

But you know what…

The process to have this noun course material is hassle-free, no hidden charges – download and study at your own pace.

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National Open University of Nigeria Course Materials Downloads

1. Login to the national open university portal edu website => http://Nouedu.net

National Open university of Nigeria Course Materials download site homepage

2. At the school website home-menu, Click on Study with us => Programmes => Courseware

How to download noun course materials

Alternatively, you can goto Resources => Open Courseware and you’ll still land on the same page.

Noun University Open Courseware download resource

3. On the Noun e-courseware section, scroll down to locate your faculty of study.

Watch the video guide for better understanding

List of Noun host faculties includes:

  • Access and general studies,
  • Agricultural Sciences,
  • Arts,
  • Centre for Educational Technology and Entrepreneurial Development (CETED),
  • Education,
  • Health Sciences,
  • Law,
  • Management Sciences,
  • Sciences and
  • Social Sciences.

The Noun e-Courseware Table Arrangement

National open university nigeria course materials

  • Course code – It always comes in 6 digits. 3 alphabets and 3 numbers e.g GST 107
  • Course Title – The name of the course
  • Credit unit – The recognition for having taken a course at the University and used as a measure if enough hours have been made for graduation. (source)
  • Level – The Level of study on which the course should be taken.
  • Semester – The Term and season that the course is confirmed registrable, and it’s either first or second semester.
  • Host faculty – The school umbrella to which it belongs
  • Download course material – The quick link to download your course material in a portable document format (pdf) form.

How to Filter NOUN Edu Ng Course Materials for Quick Search and Easy Referencing

The Noun downloadable courses are much and the List courses are huge also. I’m so sure that you won’t have the time and patience to be scrolling down all through the pages, clicking next and next and next just to locate your host faculty with the courses.

Down here, is a guide to filter the course materials that you want to download by faculty, semester and levels.

1. From the Noun e-Courseware Library, see the 3 drop down menus with -Any- as a title.

How to Search the National Open university course materials by Faculty, Semester and Levels

2. Click on the squared areas, and choose from the options – Host faculty, Level and Semester.

Noun course materials for management science

3. And then click “Apply” to confirm your preferences and have the course materials filtered as per the selection on first semester, 200Level in the faculty of management sciences.

NOUN Course Materials Results

That’s it.

You can see now that, the result is simple, easier and concise – gathering all the National Open University course materials that you need to download in one session.

The Noun course materials for management sciences


How To Download National Open University Course materials

1. Goto http://nouedu.net/courseware

2. From the Noun ecourseware library, Click on the Course Title of the Course that you want to download

How to download National Open university Course materials from the Nouedu net website

3. Next, Click on Course material > Course code

Click to Download noun course material

4. On the newly opened page, choose from the options at the right hand:

(A) Rotate clockwise – To Flip & Rotate the course materials. (but I don’t know why you’ll want to rotate the document, is up to you)

(B) Download – The best option for the time. A Click to it will hand you the awaited course material.

(C) Print – In case if you would prefer hardcopy over a soft copy of the material.

But since we want to download the material now, I’ll choose the save option.

5. Click on the Download icon (B)

Download GST101 Course material for school of science and technology

6. Select your save location on your computer and click “Save”.

How to download and Noun Course Material into my computer

Awesome! you just did it without knowing…

The Library Most Important Information

Adobe acrobat reader or the likes, is required to be installed on your computer or your smartphone before you’ll be able to Read/ Print and access the course material online. If you don’t already have it installed on your computer – Click here to get started, and this one here will teach you on how to install a Pdf reader on mobile devices.

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