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Download Noun E-exam Time Table 2018 – Nouonline Portal

The noun e – examination is scheduled to start on the 21 February 2018. All effort has been made to put together this noun exam time table, so as you can find exact examination date, location and exam time.

Download the first draft exam time table. It has the title “2017_2 E-Examination Timetable

Notes about this Noun Exam Time Table

  1. The e-exam timetable is in Microsoft Excel file type. you can learn more about the excel file here.
  2. It only works on PC/ Computer that has the Excel Program installed or a Smartphone having a document Viewer Application. One good example is this one.

Now, Download Exam time table, schedule your activities and Be Ready for this Nou  e-examination 2018

Wish you all the best.

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Please some of our TMA’s are not out what are we going to do about those once,
secondly, ENT224 and COP214 are not included in this e-exam table 1st draft.
Do some thing about it please

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