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NOUN Result Checking Online Portal First Semester Examination 2018

Noun result check, TMA Scores and Exam result calculations – The unending query loved by New students of the open university.

UPDATE: We have launched a New NOUN Result Checker alongside with NOUN GPA Calculator. No stress. One time click you’re done!

This noun results question is still blasting mostly on Noun Facebook groups, let’s take a look at some examples:

How can someone check his/her exam results on the nouonline portal? – Adai

What’s the link to check my first semester noun result? – Emma

How can i check my previous results on the Noun new portal? – Badmus

How do i check my previous exams

…and more of such noun result queries that I don’t like to include in this article for some reasons.

But here’s the truth, noun result checking is not as harder you might think towards it – it is easy and simple. It is only that you never had the time to try it off.

What You’ll Learn in this Noun Result Checking Guide:

  • How To Check Noun Result at the NouonlineNet – Noun Student Portal Website.
  • How To Save & Download Noun Results Portal Page for Referencing and Documentation.
  • How To Save Noun Results as PDF for offline usage
  • The Noun Academic Performance reports, and
  • How to calculate Noun Exam Result and TMA Scores.

I’m assuming that you don’t know how to check noun exam result on the noun new portal or that you know it but want a more broad explanation to the noun result grading and calculations, fine – I’ll get you there!

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With that in mind, let’s get off to work.

How To Check NOUN Result 2018 First Semester Examination

1. Login to the National Open University studware platform > https://www.nouonline.net/ (formerly, Nouonline.com)

The National Open university of nigeria studware platform homepage

2. Click on “Student Login”.

Noun student login menu option

3. At the student login page, Enter your matric number, Noun login password and Click the “Submit” button to login into the noun student portal dashboard.

National Open university of nigeria Noun student login page at the nouonline net studware platform4. On the NOUMIS Students’ Information page, Click on Courses –> My Results

Click on Courses myResults

5. And the next opened page shows you your Noun results.

So now, you should be on the Noun result page.

Note, The Noun result academic performance reports has two segments

1. Statement of result

Noun statement of results previews of all courses and exams taken to date

2. Performance timeline

Noun result performance timeline

The statement of result shows the preview of all courses and exams taken to date, whereas the performance timeline shows the courses and exams taken in batches and semester for more clarifications.

At the left sidebar indicates the summary of your result grade statistics, that’s  A-Grade, B-Grade, C- Grade, D-Grade, E-Grade , nd F-Grade.

Noun result grade statistics

At the top of result grade statistics, you’ll see the summary of courses taken, Minimum credit unit req., Total credit earned (TCE) and outstanding credit.

Noun result outstanding credit and total credit earned tce

The Cumulative Grade Pont Average (CGPA) has been calculated automatically, and When the Arrow faced up means upper credit and when it points downward means Lower credit.

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How To Save & Download the Noun Results Portal for Referencing and Documentation

1. From the Noun student result Portal > https://www.xresnouonline.net/nouresult/pages/studentprofile.php

2. Choose from the listed options – Copy, CSV, Excel or Print

How to Print Noun results

  • Copy – the act of duplicating text, data, files, or disks, producing two or more of the same file or segments of data. (ref here)
  • CSV – a comma-separated values file which allows data to be saved in a table structured format. (source)
  • Excel –  a spreadsheet that features calculation, graphing tools, pivot tables, and a macro programming language called Visual Basic for Applications.
  • Print – to produce the Noun result text, data, and graphics on paper for offline usage.

How it works

  1. The Copy tool copies all the noun result rows to your clipboard. Now open your saving location and Click Paste (ctrl+v) to save the copied result data.
  2. The CSV get downloaded automatically upon click and having this file extension .csv. Programs like Notepad, OpenOffice Calc or Google Docs will work well with this type of file.
  3. The Excel prompt an option to choose a saving location on click, and with the file extension .xlsl (Microsoft Office Excel Worksheet)
  4. The Print option takes you to the printer setup on a new page, set it up and click the Print button.

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How To Save Noun Results Portal Page as a PDF Type Document

1. Click on the Print option

How to save the NOUN student Result page as a PDF

2. On the newly opened page at the Nounsite, from Destination -> Click Change… to switch from the default page settings to save page as a PDF (Portable Document Format), best viewed using a pdf reader like Adobe Acrobat.

The National Open university of Nigeria results printing

3. Click “Save as PDF”

Noun result check save student data as a portable document format

4. And then click “Save” 

How i downloaded the Noun exam results as a PDF

5. Now choose your saving location, Save and enjoy.

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